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Measured Surveys

All projects need a land and/or measured building survey.  They are needed for design purposes as they confirm the givens, constraints and opportunities at the commencement of every design project.  They must also be shown to the local planning authority during the application process. 

Feasibility Study - The Brief

Can it be done?  Can it be done within planning regulations? Can it be done on budget? Is it worth doing?  They are important questions that need to be answered.  We'll work with you and draft plans for what you want done.  Then we'll analyse with you how feasible they are?.  If it stacks up finacially, we can go ahead and if not we can look at other ways of achieving your goals

Architectural Design

Using the latest CAD software, we will prepare 2D & 3D design layout drawings which are practical, meet your brief and bring your vision to life.  In doing so, we take into account the key factors such as space, construction, materials, planning, building regulations and, of course, build cost.

Planning Services

We will package your chosen design in to a set of planning drawings for you to sign-off and then make any relevant Planning Applications on your behalf.  We will act as your Agent throughout the process.


Submitting a Planning Application is essentially a formal request to a local authority fro permission to build something new or add something to an exisitng building


The process can take between 10 - 12 weeks and includes the following stages;

  • Submission of Proposal
  • Validation
  • Consultation
  • Consideration
  • Negotiation
  • Recommendation
  • Decision

The project may fall within Permitted Development (PD) Rights. PD rights are a set of rigid government rules that allow you to extend your home with out applying for full planning permission.  We can advise how much you can do to your home under PD and talk you through the process.

Building Regulations Service

Building regulations are minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to virtually every building. The regulations are developed by the UK government and approved by Parliament.


We are authorised partnering agents with the Local Authority Building Control (LABC)and the objective of our 'Full Plans Application' is to give the client the peace of mind that the project will be safe, secure and that the process of construction is being monitored throughout the build. 


We will submit a drawing package and relevant details of your scheme (including structural calculations) to Building Control

known as 'Full Plans Application'. 


We will manage this process and submit all the drawings and details you need to comply with the Building Regualtions Approved Documents A-Q.


It is likely that you will need on projects Structural Calculations, Party Wall Agreement and approval from drainage provider.  We can advise and liaise with consultants and make applications on your behalf.




CDM15 Regulations (HSE)

Complying with Construction Design Management 2015 will help ensure that no-one is harmed during the work, and that your building is safe to use and maintain while giving you good value. Effective planning will also help ensure that your work is well managed with fewer unexpected costs and problems.


If you are having work done on your own home, or the home of a family member, and it is not in connection with a business, you will be a domestic client. The only responsibility a domestic client has under CDM 2015 is to appoint a Principal Designer and a Principal Contractor when there is more than one Contractor. However, if you do not do this, (as is common practice) your duties as a domestic client are automatically transferred to the Contractor or Principal Contractor.


As the role of 'Designer' we formulate a risk assessment for the project on your behalf.  The risk assessment is passed on to the Principal Contractor, which inturn will form part of their Pre Construction Phase Plan and duties under CDM15.


Space Planning

Space Planning is an essential part of the workplace design process, able to transform a hypothetical project into a workable reality. Badly laid out offices can not only cost more money to run, but also lower staff morale and hurt productivity.


At Propertyplans, we know the importance of good office layouts, and our complete space planning CAD service offers numerous workplace benefits. 


We also ensure all our workspace designs are in accordance with minimum space standards set by the Health & Safety Executive and Part B of the Building Regulations  

for office buildings.

Land Registry Plans

We are a major supplier of Land Registry Plans and can advise you on how to fulfil your obligations under the new criteria in the support of Freehold and Leasehold registrations.

All our plans are in accordance with Land Registry Practice Guide 40 and consist of the main requirements:

  • Plan drawn to scale, actual scale shown and orientation,
  • Plan to show sufficient detail,
  • Identified on Ordnance Survey map,
  • Detail floor plan
  • Location plan
  • Property clearly identified,
  • Colour coded

Marketing Plans

Our high quality and accurate floor plans are suitable for large town properties, country houses and farm estates.


All floor plans conform to RICS Code of Measuring Practice 6th Edition 2018.


The layout includes a north point, room names and measurements, bathroom fixtures, kitchen layouts and

Gross Internal Areas (G.I.A)


We can also present the floor plan in your corporate style, and forward in electronic format suitable for you brochure and uploading to the website

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